Kyocera Toner Recycling Program

Our Commitment:
It is Kyocera’s responsibility as an international corporate citizen to care for the environment. We have, therefore, focused on meeting or exceeding all the environmental regulations of the advanced nations of the world.

Recycling the empty toner cartridges and waste toner bottles eliminates waste from landfills and saves resources by recycling and reuse. Not only do discarded cartridges and toner bottles take up landfill space and pose a risk to soil and groundwater quality at any landfill site, but producing new cartridges requires significantly more resources and energy than remanufacturing used cartridges.

Our Product:
With Kyocera’s use of its advanced technology, drum units and engines have been designed to withstand the test of time. This enables a reduction in discarded materials. All Kyocera toner containers, for example, are made up entirely of plastic components. There are no metal components whatsoever. Even the remaining waste toner, which is non-toxic, does not harm the environment.

Environmental consideration has been taken in the development of the materials used in the external casing of all our Kyocera ECOSYS toner cartridges. A bromine-free resin blend of polycarbonate and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) has been employed, because Bromin (a fire-resistant agent) is known to release toxic dioxins into the atmosphere when burned at low temperatures. All Kyocera cartridges also contain no metal components. Even if any residual toner remains in an empty cartridge, it is not harmful to the environment because it doesn't contain any toxic dioxins.

Our Program:
The key to the program is simplicity. Package the toner cartridges and waste toner bottles, attach the package and ship via Canada Post at no cost to you.

Please Note:
This recycling program has been designed for empty original Kyocera toner cartridges and waste toner bottles only and no other manufacturer cartridges will be accepted. Failure to do so will result in the return to sender at sender’s expense.

Only authorized Kyocera return labels will be accepted. (Customers may be charged for use of unauthorized return labels or photocopies of Kyocera return labels). Do not print one label and then copy it - each container must have an original label. One Kyocera return label must be affixed to each individual carton (1 LABEL PER CARTON).

Simple Steps to a Cleaner Environment for All


  1. Use only the packaging from your new toner; do not use any other packaging. Place the used toner cartridge and waste toner bottles in the plastic bag from your new Kyocera cartridge and use either the new carton or the original carton to make the return; Pack in the carton and seal with tape.
  2. Make certain that the cartridge and waste toner bottle are cushioned in the original packaging and the carton is taped securely.
  3. Click HERE to ensure that the returns end up at the Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) recycling facility.This new website from Canada Post requests users to enter their KYOCERA product serial number and return mail address to have thier customized return lavel e-mailed to them automatically by the Canada Post website.
  4. If you already have a Commercial pick-up parcel agreement with Canada Post simply include the above carton(s) with your daily outbound shipments otherwise drop off the carton(s) at your nearest Canada Post office.
  5. For inquiries on the KYOCERA toner cartridge recycling program, please email

Thank you for your participation in the Kyocera environmental and recycling program!


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